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Sam on Foreign Policy Non-Fiction | Episode 053

“Isolationism is deeply stupid.” So says Sam in this special episode in which he talks to Grant about three books: Present at the Creation by Dean Acheson, Running the World by David Rothkopf, and How... Read More
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Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle | Episode 050

Infinite Gestation goes contemporary in this episode featuring John Darnielle’s debut novel, Wolf in White Van, nominated for the National Book Award in 2014. Though many know Darnielle as singer-songwriter and member of The Mountain... Read More
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Toni Morrison’s Beloved Jazz | Episode 049

Pat reads Jazz, Sam reads Beloved, they discuss both! Departing from the usual format, this episode features both novels by Toni Morrison in a discussion exploring the work of one of American literature’s greatest icons. Highlights include some comparisons to the film Beloved starring... Read More
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Scoop by Evelyn Waugh | Episode 047

In an era whereby journalism (and facts in general) have become increasingly important, Scoop reminds us that though the methods, means and technology of news collection and distribution have changed drastically, the story essentially remains the same.... Read More
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Who Was Shakespeare, Anyway? | Episode 045

The long-awaited Shakespeare episode has finally arrived! In this episode the panel delves into the question and the many theories of: who was Shakespeare? Questions as to Shakespeare’s true identity are not new. Over the decades, scholars... Read More
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Year End Review 2016 | Episode 042

The official “Nonfiction Round Table Year End Review What’s Coming Up Episode”.  Featuring a look at the inner workings of the podcast and a look back on the panelists’ favorite episodes from 2016. Sam Zurcher shares some... Read More

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Current Gestation | 7.28.2016

Welcome to Current Gestation – a free service providing the most essential news and updates concerning upcoming episodes of the Infinite Gestation Podcast. And maybe some other stuff, too. While we hope you are throughly enjoying…

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