In a tribute episode to Edward Albee (who passed away this September 2016), Infinite Gestation discusses Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1962) – perhaps the author’s best known work. The 1966 film adaptation of the award winning play deviates only slightly from the source material, offering an ideal way to experience the piece, outside of reading the play (or attending a live performance, which certainly comes recommended). Originally thought too young for the role of middle-aged Martha, Elizabeth Taylor turns in a stellar performance, serving to remind us that she was much more than a diva movie star – the woman could act.

Disclaimer: The story of George and Martha’s crumbling marriage is loaded with so many themes and metaphors ripe for interpretation that using it for any sort of drinking game would probably kill you. We had trouble fitting all of this into a single episode, which is probably a testament to the fine quality of Albee’s work.

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