Differing opinions, arguments and some notable complaints emerge (including the Showtime production budget and the limitations it may have placed on the film) during Infinite Gestation’s discussion of Last Call, a made-for-cable biopic from 2002 concerning the final years of F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is not the “old sport” you know and love. Far from the Jazz Age, a weather-worn and alcoholic Fitzgerald (a fine performance by Jeremy Irons) resides on the fringes of Hollywood, writing The Last Tycoon between hallucinations of his (then institutionalized) wife Zelda and spats with his mistress, Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham. The author manages some progress on his novel with the assistance of his secretary Frances Kroll (whose 1985 memoir Against the Current: As I Remember F. Scott Fitzgerald serves as a basis for the film) before his sudden (though perhaps not unexpected) death at the age of 44.

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