Patrick and Grant take on Stephen King’s 11/22/63 as well as the Hulu miniseries of the same name.

Best described as literary fiction with elements of science fiction and the supernatural (as only Stephen King can render them) 11/22/63 serves more as a love letter to a bygone era of post war America with all the prosperity associated with the Eisenhower era and less an investigation into the mechanics and milieu of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (a la Dan Delillo’s Libra). Hulu’s miniseries (with such personnel as James Franco, J.J. Abrams & King himself) serves as a wonderful companion piece to the novel, accentuating and enhancing its finer qualities while omitting (and at times better explaining) lesser characteristics.

In both mediums, the absence of an argument for conspiracy  is a disappointment, except to Sam, but he’s not in this episode so who cares?

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