Current Gestation | 8.09.2016

August 9, 2016

We are proud to announce that the long-awaited Don Quixote episode is finally in the can!


While this seems like something to celebrate (and indeed it is, as we find ourselves jumping up and down) it also marks the start of a long and arduous editing process (sad face). However, the finished episode will eventually (soon) see the light of day with the benefit of a full and proper title — so stay tuned (happy face returns).

By Sam’s recommendation, The Beginning and the End by Naguib Mahfouz has been confirmed for an upcoming episode. For those of you that absolutely must know more about this (you know who you are) you can easily satisfy yourselves via a visit to the author’s/novel’s wikipedia page(s). Additionally, you are hereby invited to venture out and obtain your very own copy to read in preparation for the episode. Just remember to support your local indie bookstore in the process.

Special thanks to Brett and Jordan for the kind words this week! This podcast is a labor of love — your vote of confidence is encouraging and means a great deal. Such things make this endeavor worthwhile.

If anyone has any suggestions for future books / topics / episodes (or more kind words, as the case may be) – please don’t hesitate to send them our way via the contact page or twitter @infin8gestation. We do actually read our mail. For those of you who find it easier to communicate in pictures: check out our instagram @infinitegestation. Dare I say that the three of us are getting really good at taking (or at least posting) pictures.

For ease and convenience, here is a handy link to a page that makes subscribing to the podcast both a joy AND incredibly easy.

Thanks for listening!

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